Angle Converter

Angle Converter

Angle Converter


Angle Converter is an app for converting among angle units. It can convert between angle units and calculate the area, perimeter, radius and circumference of a polygon or circle. It also converts angles from degrees to radians or vice versa.

What is Angle Converter?

Angle Converter is a tool that helps you convert among angle units. It supports all the common angle units: degrees, radians, grads, and turns. Use it to convert between decimal degrees (e.g., 0°) and sexagesimal units (e.g., 0°30'), or between degrees/radian pairs (e.g., 180°/π).

Angle Converter also allows you to enter coordinates numerically in order to perform conversions involving rectangular cartesian coordinates (x-y). This can be useful when estimating distances on maps or playing board games such as Battleship!

Angle Converter do a good job?

Angle Converter is a free online tool that converts among angle units. It is easy to use and can be used from any computer with internet access.

Should i use Angle Converter?

Angle Converter is a free app. It is good to use this app if you want to convert among angle units, such as degree, radian, grade and turn.

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Angle Converter Benefits

The Angle Converter is a great tool for converting among angle units, including degrees, radians and grads. It also calculates angles in trigonometry.

The Angle Converter can convert between positive and negative angles (e.g., from -90° to 90°). It's useful for solving problems in physics, engineering and other fields of science.

Convert among angle units.

The Angle Converter is a tool that converts among angle units. It converts degrees, radians, grads and mils. It can convert among angles in the same unit (for example, between degrees and radians) or convert from one type of measure to another (for example from degrees to mils). The calculator will also convert from an angle expressed as a number value to an angle expressed as an angle symbol.


Angle converter is a tool for converting one angle unit to another. Angle converter does an amazing job of converting between different units of angles such as degree, minute, second and other similar units. The application also supports conversion between different types of degrees such as right angle or obtuse angle etc..

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